"Kemmy, darling," she went on, Free beast movies "My vagina is so wet and squishy, and you suck so well, do you think you could suck my vagina for me!?!" Kemuel, now delirious with lust, didn't even reply, but instead reached under Tianshaonu's pearly white mini skirt, noticing that she did not wear ANY under garments


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The musky aroma of wet pussy filled his sense of scent, which of course had the immediate effect of turning his pecker into a piece of blue steel! Tianshaonu's pussy was a hairless crotch with a bright pink pair of lips running right down the middle it! Kemuel nosed around the out side of pussy while savoring the sweet smell of an aroused vagina, while Tianshaonu squirmed her ass around, trying in vain to get Kemuel to make contact with her protruding clit!!! He teased her for a few moments more, before burying his tongue deep into her love canal, and almost the instant his tongue made connected with her throbbing clitoris, Tianshaonu arched her back, spreaded all four of her cream coloured wings out, took her huge chest in her hands, and seconds later was engulfed by a shattering orgasm!!!

Ohhhhh, Kemmy......please, get on top bestiality movie of me! Tianshaonu cried out, feeling Kemuel's slim, sexy body, free of any hair (except for the shoulder length chartreuse hair on his head) rub against her own body

Heh Sex with animals pictures heh, very well. Kemuel crooned. The angelic young man started to take off his toga like garments and underwear, revealing his slim, sexy body. Looking below, Tianshaonu noticed his well erected manhood between his legs, ready for some action.GET READY FOR SOME DIVINE PLEASURE!!

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As your Women fucking animals orgasm subsides, you look at me and smile, you most certainly see how hard I am. My cock is actually moving from its own throbbing. Well, Tripper did you enjoy that? Because that is just a start, but I think you need to be tortured a little more. You stand up off the couch and begin to come towards me.I am going to lay down here right in front of you and let you watch as I cum with this and you show me what you had taken from the bag, it is a cock like dildo/vibrator. As you go to get on the floor in front of me, you teasingly rub your hair across my cock.

You lay flat on Dogs fucking women pussys your back and put your feet up on the chair so I have the most spectacular view of you and your lovely wet pussy. You teasingly suck on the head of the fake cock and lick it to get it wet. As you pull it away you say,If you behave maybe I'll do this for you. You begin to work the dildo slowly in and out of your pussy, watching me as you do this. You know that is driving me crazy, you see how hard, I am and the throbbing of my cock is most obvious. You pump away at your pussy pushing the dildo in a little farther each time. Your other hand rubs your clit as you fuck yourself with the dildo. I can see you begin your orgasmic thrusts, I look at my down at my cock, which you are watching also, and it is moving and throbbing to your thrusts of the dildo. You begin to cum and I hear you say,Oh Tripper don't you wish this was you inside me like this? Oh yes, yes, if you'd just release me I would. You smile and your orgasm is over you look at me and say, Why should I untie you when I have this? As you pull the cock from your pussy, and move it towards, me. I can smell the sweetness of you all over it, you begin to put it in my mouth, I swallow and lick it trying to get ever drop of your juices, from it. I don't care that it looks just like a cock, you are all over it and I love the taste of you. You pull it away and saythat is all for now.

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The Tenshi dived down to his heavenly mistress, his well erect penis slipping into her warm, moist vagina. Tianshaonu started to moan and purr in pleasure, feeling Kemuel's manhood inside of her. If that was not enough, Kemuel started to embrace Tianshaonu's huge breasts as if they were huge plush toys, and started to be face to face with Tianshaonu. Her ocean blue eyes seem to stare within Kemuel's thoughts and soul. Her face was demure, seductive and lovely, more lovelier than he would have ever imagined. Even though the past mistresses were quite pretty, but none were ever as beautiful as Tianshaonu. With her, it was like he was with a goddess instead of his own kind.

Close your eyes..... Tianshaonu whispered, Animalsex picture embracing her lover. With that, Kemuel and Tianshaonu's lips met, later, their tongues. The kiss was so deep and passionate, that Kemuel did not want to break apart from it. More divine milk started to come from the woman's breasts, engulfing the Tenshi lovers. The sweet liquid made its was into the mouths of Kemuel and Tianshaonu, greeting their tastebuds with a lovely sweet taste. Kemuel's penis started to push and throb harder within his new mistress' womb

Oh Women having sex with animals yes, oh yes..... Tianshaonu moaned, lips slightly breaking away from Kemuel's lips.It is coming....

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.....Same here..... Kemuel replies, having a huge grin on his face. He started to throb his penis harder and harder, until he started to dribble some cum inside of Tianshaonu.AHHHHHHHHH! YEAH, YEAH! DAMN TIANSHAONU! GET CLOSER!

Yeah, that is how I Dog sex instructions LOVE MY MALES!!! Tianshaonu shouted in an equally orgasmic feeling as her lover. More milk came squirting out of her breasts, making them shrink and her back and wings feel less pain and more relief. As they began to shrink, the couple started to roll around on the bright hot pink sheets on the bed, getting full pleasure out of their orgasm. The lovers started to roll around in their own milk, cum and sweat, feeling deep sexual desire for each other

The Girl having sex with animal embrace started to slightly loosen up as their one hour orgasm stared to fade. Both Kemuel and Tianshaonu started to feel both exhausted and relieved

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Donaletto, the clown, was Beastality stories in the corner of his cage, sleeping on the straw that was kept there for that purpose¦ when Gloria came in. Her deep mocking laughter sent shivers and cramps through his 23 year-old belly. He tried to turn away from her, leaving his naked ass fully exposed to her derisive gaze. He wished he could crawl into a hole, but there really was nowhere for him to go. Reluctantly, his eyes traveled over to where she was standing in the doorway of his little boxcar. She was beautiful. Gloria Sandrina was a majestic vision of pure female power. At 42 years of age, she stood about 5 feet 10 inches tall, with thick brunette hair that she wore in a short, classically European way. Her body was powerful muscle. Firm, sinewy arms, a modest bosom, powerful thighs, and a big, firm pronounced ass¦ it stuck out whether she wanted it to or not. Trim ankles lead down to feet that looked sort of chubby, but were every bit as muscular as the rest of her strong body. And the smell! A mixture of sweat, vinegar and grime.

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I am so tired, I better hit the hey. Kemuel yawned, stretching his light red wings out. As he tried to go, Tianshaonu held onto his hand gently.

Here, you may stay with animal sex dvd me... Tianshaonu beckoned seductively.....you are a fine lover Kemmy. Thank you

Anytime! Animalsex Kemuel said, blushing slightly.I guess you have no need for that suction machine now, do you


Oh no, with you around, things shall be just fine. Tianshaonu yawned.Now, it's time to crawl under the sheets! So Kemuel climbed under the light pink sheets, embracing his busty angelic mistress, both feeling binded together by both of their throbbing biological urges.

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Boss lady's dirty foul talk makes him lose his load.

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This Farm sex story was written as a script for an audio cassette tape. I wrote it so I could send it to any female doms to record themselves and their male counterpart so I could pleasure myself to their vioces. Most of the story is dialog in a sort of script form and there is loads of dirty talk. As always let me know what you think. Enjoy

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You are a successful business woman that owns a chain of retail stores. At one of the stores a couple of female employee's have reported that one of the male employee's has been sexually harassing them with graffic sexual language. It turns out he is one of the assistant managers and is asking some of the cashiers if they would have sex with him or he could make things unpleasant for them. One girl claims he even went as far as to say that he wants her to talk real nasty to him while he fucks her. The reports of the two harassments were far enough apart in time for you to suspect that the girls are telling the truth and not just trying to get some assistant manager with a power trip in trouble that may be overly harsh when he is disciplining his employee's. Anyway it is your duty to investigate all sexual harassment claims no matter who you might think is at fault. Your gut feeling, however, tells you that you suspect he is at fault.

You decide to take a women fucking dogs pictures visit to the said store location on one of the days that he is closing. You wait in your car until the store closes. A half hour closing procedure is customary in order to properly count out the registers and clean up the store by the closing work shift. Then you walk to the store and unlock the door with the master key to all the store locations. The employee's are surprised to see you and you get that nervous feeling from your workers that comes from all the employee's when their boss comes in unexpectedly. When you see that the store is cleaned you dismiss the employee's to go home. As they are leaving, two of the girls have a slight smile on their faces as if they are aware of why you have come

You Farm girls proceed to the office where Anthony, the store manager, should be counting out the register drawers. The door is open but because you are walking on carpet he did not hear your high heel shoes. His back is turned to you and you surprise him with a knock on the door

Farm girls

"So how'd we do today? Well I hope."

Nervously he replies with a Free beastality sites studder, still reeling from your surprised visit

"j Farmsex j just fine so far. I haven't quite finished with the final totals yet but it's looking like a decent day.


"Great! That's good to hear. You might be wondering why I'm here. Well I'll get right to the point. It seems that there have been some complaints from some of the girls that you have been making some sexual advances and threats if they did not cooperate. Well, what do you have to say for yourself Anthony?"

By now all color from beastiality community his face is gone and he fumbles to respond with, "n no. Of course not. I I would never do such a thing.

"What's Girls with farm animals the matter Anthony? You don't seem to be so sure of yourself. You seem to be a little nervous.

Girls with farm animals

"Well look at what you are accusing me of. Wouldn't you be nervous too?"